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sohee’s variety of expressions

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MC: You girls must be happy that JYP has lifted your dating ban
WG: Yes we are. We all want to start dating.
MC: Sohee must not be happy about this?
Sohee: No, that’s not true. This is my extremely desperate face.

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i miss something like this

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We aren’t really the type to approach people first. So at first, in extreme cases, people would say we have no manners. We just aren’t the type to approach our seniors like, ”Sunbaenim~”. We don’t really have anyone like that in our group. So there have been misunderstandings in the past. For instance, some managers and reps said  we were trying to be exclusive and protect our star quality. But we..PD nim, you know this..we don’t have any star quality to protect. We’re just plain and simple, old fashioned Korean girls. The girls will just grab the drumsticks with their hands and eat them. That’s just how we are. We don’t eat fancy ice cream or anything. We like simple Korean popsicles. That’s how we really are. But because of those misunderstandings, I feel like I should take responsibilty for the situation, especially as the leader. So coming over to the U.S. now, and taking the time to think things over, those are the kinds of things that have bothered me. So I thought about it. I asked myself, ”Is this really one of our group’s major flaws?” and I prayed about it too. But the more deeply I thought about it, what I felt was, there’s no need for us to be exactly like other groups. All five of us, we each have our own personality, and those are the kinds of girls that have been joined together. And that’s the kind of vibe we give off. That’s the common thread amongst all of us. It was just that simple. And that’s such a relief now because whenever there’s a task before us, none of us try to look for ourselves and try to gain an advantage over the other. But the five of us, we all just know each other so well. In interviews, we’re always asked things like ”Do you ever fight over a pretty outfit?”. But that doesn’t make sense to any of us. If there’s an outfit put in front of us, if there are ten outfits even, we don’t sit there and think of which outfit is ours. We already know from outfit #1 to #10, which outfit would suit whom. We know all that. - Sunye of Wonder Girls. x

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