I barely post here anymore and I just need to put out that I saw 2PM last night. Even though it took a long time before they came here, I’m still happy. I kind of got lost in different fandoms but now I’m back. 4 years of waiting for them is worth it.

Since debut, 2PM’s path to success was not smooth. There were times of difficulties and rumours, every step was difficult and Taecyeon was there with his teammates throughout all these. If we were to ask Taecyeon what is 2PM’s presence to him, I think he won’t be able to give us an answer. In his heart, 2PM is not just a mere presence; it has merged with him as one.

Taecyeon believes just one person is unable to achieve much, it is the unity of the 6 members that is the core of 2PM. Practicing together, working hard together, going through ups and downs together, this leads to the creation of the inseparable team. Their friendship is not something that can be merely described by words.

” — Nanfang Sheng Ping Newspaper Issue #1209 - “2PM in the eyes of Ok Taecyeon” CREDITS : 2PM Baidu Bar (SCANS); x_tiffany_x, beezz & serrling@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

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how old are you again ㅡㅡ;;

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